Student Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Opportunities

Faculty in the electrical and computer engineering department conduct research in a variety of fields.


At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Aviation, Engineering and Technology, our students get to participate in ongoing electrical and computer engineering research efforts, meaning they receive unique, hands-on experiences that are reserved for graduate students at most other universities.

Faculty members often have their results of this research featured in industry publications, meaning students have the chance to be involved in the latest engineering advancements while enrolled in the computer or electrical engineering programs.

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Meet the Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty

Dr. W.J. Ebel

Dr. Ebel’s research involves Space-Time codes and Turbo codes with a particular interest in decoder architectures and finite word length effects on performance.

Dr. R. Gharabagi

Dr. Gharabagi conducts electrical engineering research in regards to modeling and simulation of small geometry devices, Integrated Circuits and related issues.

Dr. H.S. Mallikarjuna

Dr. Mallikarjuna performs research in regards to power systems and computer communications.

Dr. K. Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell specializes in research regarding Sensor Arrays, Intelligent Agents, Modeling and Simulation.

Dr. H. Rahman

Dr. Rahman’s research pertains to electromagnetics, including numerical computation of EM fields using Fourier series methods, propagation of EM waves through a stratified medium, and digital signal processing of a Mills’ Cross array antenna.