The Parks College Experience

Develop groundbreaking technology to positively impact society.

Experience Parks College

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology degrees will provide you with the foundation to be a leader. With Jesuit ideals focusing on leadership and socially responsible scholarships, our electrical and computer engineering graduates are prepared to shape the industry.

Throughout the electrical and computer engineering program, our faculty do their best to prepare our students for careers that impact global society in a positive way. As a student here, you will develop the knowledge and innovative skills that will enable you to shape the future of the world.

Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineering student, you’ll study electricity and learn about the operation and design of modern electronics, including computers, cell phones, robots and communication satellites. You will study the fundamental principles of circuit systems such as electronic, electromagnetic communication, power and controls. You’ll also learn to analyze and design complex electrical and electronic devices, software and systems containing software and hardware components.

Computer Engineering

As a student in the computer engineering program at Parks College, you will study fundamentals of computer system design involving both hardware and software. In addition, you will learn to harness the power of modern digital electronic systems to improve the quality of human life and research for the 21st century and beyond.