Why Choose Parks College's Computer Engineering Program?

Our computer engineering curriculum distinguishes itself from other universities because of our hands-on coursework and our focus on leadership training.

Experience Parks College

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology prides itself on providing a well-balanced computer engineering program that emphasizes developing both the required technical proficiencies, but also the Jesuit leadership skills that make our graduates stand out to employers.

Parks College Teaches All the Computer Engineering Fundamentals

A computer engineering degree from SLU’s Parks College covers three main focus areas for computer-related professionals: Hardware, Software and Design.

Students get the groundwork for understanding how software and hardware work together to create the complex computer systems that are heavily integrated into almost every industry in the world. As a senior in the Parks College computer engineering program, the hands-on curriculum and lab work culminates in a final senior design project that encompasses several areas of computer engineering.

Learn More Than Just the Technical Aspects of Succeeding in Computer Engineering

The computer engineering program consists of developing a lot of technical computer skills. Where Parks College separates itself from other universities is the emphasis on the Jesuit principal of educating the entire person.

This means our computer engineering students spend many hours in small groups, developing leadership skills while working with peers in the labs and classrooms. They also gain experience achieving success as a team, which helps foster more of a teamwork approach.

Get Unique Chances for Research in Computer Engineering

Parks College gives computer engineering students research opportunities by working with faculty, meaning they’ll have a chance for active involvement in projects that are featured in professional publications. This can be done while still in the undergraduate electrical engineering program, which is usually reserved exclusively for graduate students at other universities.

Get the Computer Engineering Education You Deserve From Parks College

These distinguishing benefits are just a few of the reasons students pick Parks College for a computer engineering degree. Start the process of becoming part of the Billiken student body by applying to Parks College online today.