Why Choose Parks College's Electrical Engineering Program?

Find out why students enrolled in our undergrad program for electrical engineering are prepared for success upon receiving their degree.

electrical engineering quadcopterSaint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology offers a unique electrical engineering program that goes beyond the basic technical disciplines available at all universities. SLU’s Parks College develops student skill sets in order to prepare graduates to blossom into leaders in the electrical engineering industry.

A Hands-On Electrical Engineering Program

Electrical engineering students at Parks College learn from much more than textbooks and lectures beginning the first semester of their freshman year. The program features extensive hands-on learning through the use of state-of-the-art labs, meaning students will be able to immediately apply classroom teachings to solve real-world electrical engineering problems.

Graduate-Level Research Opportunities

Valuable research opportunities are plentiful throughout the undergraduate experience at Parks College. Electrical engineering majors have the option to work directly with faculty, assisting and publishing findings in professional journals. This sort of opportunity is usually only available to graduate students at other universities.

Close-Knit Atmosphere in the Electrical Engineering Program

Parks College prides itself on creating an academic atmosphere that allows students to work together in small groups to solve real-world electrical engineering challenges. Faculty are proud of what they call a “sandbox-style” learning style, where students are presented with electrical equipment and a problem to solve, and must work together to find the solution.

Parks College also stresses the Jesuit ideals of leadership and educating the whole person, meaning you’ll develop into more than just your electrical engineering skillset.

Apply To Become Part Of The Parks College Electrical Engineering Program

Students who graduate from Parks College with an electrical engineering degree possess the technical and leadership skills that propel them to leadership positions in the industry. Start your electrical engineering education by applying online.