Frequently Asked Questions in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

All of your engineering questions answered. Learn about opportunities, options and your future in the electrical and computer engineering department.


Why Should I be a Student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Saint Louis University?

The quality of the electrical engineering program is reflected in its full accreditation by ABET, the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. 

All lectures and laboratories are taught by highly qualified and dedicated professors, not by graduate students like at other universities. Our students are not just numbers to us, so they deserve and get our full attention in all aspects of their academic experience from the day they enter either the computer or electrical engineering program. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are always available to our students.

Our Alumni are our Best Ambassadors.

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Aviation, Engineering and Technology graduates are making an impact on various industries throughout the US. We seek their feedback on a continuous basis as another means of ensuring the program’s continued quality for both the electrical and computer engineering majors.

Our Industry Advisory Board members, leaders in local industry, play an active role in the assessment process to ensure continuous improvement in the department’s Program Educational Objectives (PEOs).

What are my Opportunities for Employment After Graduation with an Electrical or Computer Engineering Degree?

You name an industry and you will find electrical and computer engineers playing an important part in its continued success. Electrical and computer engineers enjoy professional opportunities in computer design and manufacturing, integrated circuit design and fabrication, automobile manufacturing, the aerospace industry, the health care industry, defense, and so on.

Our computer and electrical engineering alumni continue to make a positive impact in industry at various levels of the profession as engineers, managers, and vice presidents.

What About Graduate and Professional School Options?

A large percentage of students decide to continue their education in electrical and computer engineering in highly reputable graduate programs, including Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and the University of California. Our graduates have also gone on to attend law school, business school, and medical school. Our alumni include professors in highly reputable universities around the globe. 

What Types of Co-Ops and Internships Will Be Available To Me?

Students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department are highly encouraged to take advantage of co-op and internship opportunities. The program provides a variety of valuable opportunities for our students to get real-world work experience. Our Co-op and Internship Office plays an important role in assisting our students to land positions in local as well as national corporations. Our industry partners are extremely pleased with the quality and work ethic of our students.

Our graduates often receive their first employment offer from the companies where they have had completed internships. The list of these companies includes the Boeing Corporation, Emerson Electric, AT&T, Rockwell International, Anheuser-Busch, and Anadigics.

If you have additional questions or if you are seeking more information about the electrical and computer engineering program, please contact ECE office at (314) 977-8300 or email

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