Comparing Computer Engineering Majors vs. Computer Science

Find out what makes a computer engineering degree different than a bachelor's in computer science.

Students graduating high school often have an unclear picture of what a computer engineering degree course consists of compared to computer science. Although the exact course curriculum can vary significantly based on the educational institution, Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology knows the difference usually comes from where focus is placed.

What Is Traditionally Taught To Students In Computer Engineering?

A student with a computer engineering major tends to have a more-comprehensive understanding of computers, connecting software, hardware and design principles that together compose the modern technologies used by nearly every person every day.

For instance, SLU’s Parks College students enrolled in the computer engineering program combine the technical skills learned in the classroom and applied in the many labs, to create a senior computer engineering design project that features the core computer principles of hardware, software and design.

What Do Computer Science Degrees Focus On?

Computer science is historically more focused on learning software exclusively than incorporating elements of all three computer-related disciplines. These students learn how to write software in a variety programming languages used in everything from video games to advanced manufacturing robotics. Since there are so many different programming languages that are continuously evolving, computer science majors may need to focus primarily on one or two types.

What’s Right For Your Computer Undergraduate Degree?

One of the most-important things a prospective college student interested in studying computers can do is learn as much as possible about the principles that program emphasizes, since the definition of computer engineering and computer science can have some significant differences across the countless amount of universities offering these types of technology degrees to students.

If you’re interested in becoming educated in three different types of computer skills (hardware, software and design) apply to Parks College today to become part of our computer engineering program.