Electrical and Computer Engineering Undergraduate Degrees

Graduates of the program are prepared to fill the needs of society in solving technical problems using electrical and computer engineering principles, tools and practices.


Founding of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

The department of electrical engineering was established through the generous support of McDonnell Douglas Corp. and Emerson Electric Corp. in 1987. The department offers unique undergraduate programs leading to the bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering, as well as a degree focused on the many aspects of computer engineering.

Preparing Leaders in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Industry

Providing electrical and computer program that incorporate analysis, design, and development of electrical and electronic systems, the department prepares graduates to pursue scientific and technical careers in industry or government or to continue their education through graduate studies not only in related engineering fields, but also in law, business or management.

Electrical Engineering Programs in the Department

Computer Engineering Degree Programs in the Department

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