Design Skills Taught in Parks College's Computer Engineering Degree

Computer engineering students learn how to apply software and hardware skills in designing their own computer projects.

Design skills incorporated into a computer engineering degree from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology allows graduates to combine computer training in both hardware and software to create new computer concepts.

How Design Works with a Computer Engineering Degree

At SLU’s Parks College, students majoring in computer engineering are given a holistic educational experience that allows them to specialize further as they go deeper into the program. Whether a student becomes more interested in hardware or software as they further their studies, Parks College graduates with this degree are able to combine both elements into designing computer systems that are able to overcome unique challenges.

By the time a student graduates with a computer engineering degree from Parks College, students should be able to design computer systems that can resolve specific computing problems (such as solving issues with computer sensors or data manipulation issues.)

What Can Students Do with the Computer Design Skills Upon Graduation?

Design in engineering starts at one place: a problem that needs a solution. Computer engineers who specialize in design know how to combine software and hardware components to overcome new and challenging problems with technology. They know when an engineering issue should be resolved by hardware, when software elements should be incorporated and when a combination of the two creates the best solution.

Learn the Fundamentals of Computer Design & Computer Engineering

If you’re interested in acquiring the skill set needed to design your own computer system with the right combination of hardware and software; Parks College will help you realize that goal. Apply to Parks College online today.