Hardware Skills Taught in Parks College Computer Engineering Program

From integrated circuits to robotics, computer engineering majors at Parks College learn how hardware plays an important role in modern technology.

At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, students with a computer engineering major receive plenty of exposure to computer hardware and how to combine these important principles to knowledge about computer design and software, forming a well-rounded foundation for a successful career.

Learn to Build Integrated Circuits as a Computer Engineering Major

Integrated circuits are the backbone of the modern technology boom that’s occurred over the past several decades, and SLU’s Parks College focuses a large portion of its hardware-specific coursework focusing on understanding this modern technology.

Integrated circuits are used in everything from personal computers to mobile phones and other electronic household accessories, meaning whatever a computer engineering major at Parks College is interested in pursuing after graduation, the skills and knowledge learned about this essential part of modern computing is sure to be relevant throughout their career.

Getting Hands-On Experience with Digital Hardware

Students attending Parks College who are enrolled in the computer engineering program are able to pursue a hardware project that is unique to their individual interests. Students can put these skills to use in order to build analog to digital converters such as a video card or a sound card.

And when a student enrolls at Parks College they get hands-on experience with computer hardware in addition to traditional classroom lectures from the very beginning of the program. Freshman students even get the opportunity to build remote-controlled robots in our state-of-the-art labs.

Apply to Parks College for a Computer Engineering Degree

If you’re interested in learning computer hardware skills such as integrated circuits or robotics, apply online to Parks College today.