Software Skills Taught in Parks College's Computer Engineering Program

Learn the principles of computer software and how it works with hardware to create modern electronic devices.

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology teaches students enrolled in the computer engineering program the principles of software in computing and the wide range of essential functions that can be performed with the right software.

Since computer software is utilized in everything from creating video games to operating life-saving medical equipment, an understanding of the functionality of software and the modern needs it meets is a cornerstone of SLU’s Parks College’s program for computer engineering.

What Are Some of the Software Concepts Students Learn at Parks College?

Students at Parks College will be able to determine when certain computing challenges should be addressed by hardware, or if a particular engineering issue is better resolved by creating custom software. Since, sometimes in engineering, software or hardware can be used to create similar end results.

Past Parks College students have been able to apply their computer software knowledge to create real-world solutions, such as one student project that utilized custom software to help patients with Parkinson’s disease (a condition that makes muscle control difficult) feed themselves more often without the help of caregivers. 

Students Can Specialize in Software within the Computer Engineering Major

While pursuing a computer engineering degree at Parks College, students have the flexibility to focus more of their coursework on software if that is where they become more interested during their time in the undergraduate program. No matter what focus a student picks to concentrate on, they will have the ability to see how software, hardware and design come together to form the modern computer solutions that are present throughout nearly every industry across the world.

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