Learning Entrepreneurial Skills in a Computer Engineering Program

Find out how Parks College students are prepared for entrepreneurial success upon receiving their computer engineering degree.


Students enrolled at Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology get experience in more than just the technical aspects of a computer engineering degree. They are also exposed to the business side of engineering as well, a well-rounded approach that aims at educating the whole person.

Business & Entrepreneurial Skills Taught in the Computer Engineering Degree Program

SLU’s Parks College computer engineering curriculum focuses on these four areas for developing entrepreneurial skills along with the traditional hardware, software and computer design skills.

  1. Technical Competence - This first skill is one that is traditionally covered in engineering courses, but to create a successful business, it’s imperative that an entrepreneur be able to talk intelligently about the technical aspects of their industry. This is especially true with computer engineering, as young entrepreneurs with technical skills can create a new product or service with minimal need for large labor budgets.
  2. Understanding Customer Needs - This skill is critically important in creating successful entrepreneurs in technology. Parks College teaches students how to apply their technical expertise in computer engineering to a more broad-level view of how to create a new product/service or improve an existing one in the computer industry.
  3. Understanding Business Values - Parks College teaches computer engineering students the principles of how businesses work, and they can combine these universal values and principles to their technical training, meaning they’ll have an educational foundation applicable to both starting a business and engineering innovative products or services for computers.
  4. Understanding Societal Values - Understanding what a society cherishes most is critical to understanding what to emphasize in a new product or service. This knowledge helps our computer engineering graduates better market their products to potential customers.

Entrepreneurial Activities Open to Students in the Parks College Computer Engineering Program

Weekly Innovation Challenge – This is a competition open to all SLU students, but in particular, can be very beneficial to a Parks College student enrolled in the computer engineering program. The competition consists of teams of three (all teams featuring at least one engineering student and up to one faculty member) competing in an impromptu challenge that allows for engineering students to practice their creativity skills.

This is a great opportunity for computer engineering students to get a chance to meet and work with students from other academic areas, since each participant on the three-person team is required to be from a different major. The winning team is awarded a $300 prize.

Learn more about the Weekly Innovation Challenge Program.

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