B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Emphasis in Bioelectronics

Pursue an electrical engineering degree that incorporates elements of health care, bioengineering or biomedical engineering. There are many opportunities with an emphasis bioelectronics.


The newly established Bioelectronics concentration is a joint effort by the Electrical and Computer Engineering department and the Biomedical Engineering department of Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. The course of study combines elements of a degree in electrical engineering, while incorporating courses in biology, chemistry, math, biomedical engineering, electrical and others.

Bioengineering Opportunities

When students graduate from this Parks College program with an electrical engineering degree with emphasis in Bioelectronics, they will be qualified to pursue a wealth of career opportunities open to them as effective engineers in the bioengineering industry and related fields. Graduates can find employment with hospitals’ clinical engineering divisions, medical equipment and medical device manufacturers, healthcare R&D centers, healthcare services companies, medical laboratories, university laboratories, and equipment vendors.

Biomedical and Electrical Engineering Opportunities

Electrical engineering degree holders with a bio-electronics concentration can also choose to work in a variety of careers in the electrical engineering and biomedical engineering industries. Graduates will be able to provide much-needed training and support in the use of highly sophisticated medical equipment to researchers, clinicians, medical doctors, and other health care professionals.

Pre-Med Emphasis

Students pursuing an emphasis in pre-med are well prepared to enter a highly challenging and rewarding career in medicine. Bioelectronics with a pre-med emphasis provides an excellent opportunity for future medical doctors to be well versed in technological advances. It allows for much greater integration and innovation of technology in medicine. Technological advances such as MRI, CAT scan and many others are clear examples of such innovative integration.

Students in the Bioelectronics track will pursue either of two emphases, engineering or pre-med, and will graduate with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering.

Hands-On Experience

While pursuing an electrical engineering degree, students can expect to spend a good deal of their time in our well-equipped laboratories, complementing classroom instruction with hands-on experience. Design experience is well-integrated throughout the four-year curriculum; students begin to conduct laboratory experiments immediately, starting during the freshman year. The program culminates with a full-year senior design experience in which students work in interdisciplinary teams to carry out major electrical engineering projects.

Research Beyond the Classroom

Students are also welcome to work with faculty to carry out research programs and further enhance their educational experience. We strongly encourage students to bolster their learning experience by seeking internship and co-op opportunities locally and nationally within the bioengineering industry. 

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