Electrical Engineering Sample Curriculum

The exact chronological order of the courses depends on AP credits, summer courses, choice of electives, and number of credits per semester. Thus, different students will take some courses in different chronological order.

Below is a typical schedule, shown as an example of the chronological order, not as a fixed course schedule for all students. However, some courses are essential prerequisites for more advanced courses.

Freshman Year

Semester 1CreditsSemester 2Credits
CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I3CSCI 1060 Scientific Programming3
CHEM 1115 General Chemistry Lab1ECE 1002 Introduction to ECE II1
ECE 1001 Introduction to ECE I1MATH 1660 Discrete Math3
ENGL 1920 Adv Writing for Professionals3MATH 1520 Calculus II (MATH 1510)4
MATH 1510 Calculus I14PHYS 1610 Eng Physics I (MATH 1510)3
THEO 1000 Theological Foundations  3  PHYS 1620 Eng Physics Lab c(PHYS 1610)  1  
 15 15

Sophomore Year

Semester 3CreditsSemester 4Credits
ECE 2101 Electrical Circuits I (ECE 1002, MATH 1520, PHYS 1610)3ECE 2102 Electrical Circuits II  (ECE 2101)3
ECE 2205 Digital Design3ECE 2103 Electrical Science Lab c(ECE 2102)1
ECE 2206 Digital Design Lab c(ECE 2205)1MATH 3110 Linear Algebra (MATH 2530)3
MATH 2530 Calculus III (MATH 1520)4MATH 3550 Differential Equations (MATH 2530)3
PHYS 1630 Eng Physics II3Core: Social and Behavioral Sience53
PHYS 1640 Eng Physics II Lab c(PHYS 1630)  1  ESCI 2300 Thermodynamics (MATH 2530)  3  
 15 16

Junior Year

Semester 5CreditsSemester 6Credits
ECE 3110 Energy Conversion (ECE 2102, MATH 3550)3ECE 3052 Probability RV ENGR (ECE 3130, MATH 2510)3
ECE 3225 Microprocessors (ECE 2205, CSCI 1060)3ECE 3131 Electronic Ckt (ECE 3130)3
ECE 3226 Micro Lab c(ECE 3225), (CSCI 1060)1ECE 3132 Electronics Ckt Des Lab c(ECE 3131) 1
ECE 3130 Semiconductor Devices (ECE 2102, MATH 3550)3 ECE 3140 EM Fields (ECE 2102, MATH 3550) 3
ECE 3150 Linear Sys (ECE 2102, MATH 3550) 3ECE 3090 Junior Design (ECE 3150, cMATH 3110)1
ECE 3151 Linear Sys Lab (c ECE 3150, CSCI 1060)1ECE 4120 Auto Controls (ECE 3150)3
Open Elective7   3  PHIL 3400 Ethics and Engineering   3  

Senior Year

Semester 7CreditsSemester 8Credits
ECE 4140 Electromagnetic Waves (ECE 3140) 3Technical Elective4 3
ECE 4160 Communications (ECE 3150, ECE 3052) 3ECE 4810 Senior Design II (ECE 4800)3
ECE 4800 Design I (Senior Level)** 3ECE:  ECE Elective63
ECE:  ECE Elective6 3Core:  Cultural Diversity33
Technical Elective4   3  Core:  Humanities  3  
 15 15

Total Hours: 125

**MUST BE AT SENIOR STANDING (pass all junior level ECE and CSCI requirements)

1 Requires a proficiency exam.

2 Students needing prerequisite work in writing skills as determined by ACT or SAT scores will be required to take ENGL 1500:  The Process of Composition (3) and perhaps ENGL-1040: Accelerated Reading.

3Must not be used to satisfy another core requirement.

4Must be selected from courses in science, math, or engineering at 2000 level or higher, or Computer Science at 3000 or higher.

5Must be taken from a list of approved courses in Social and Behavioral Science including Economics.

6Must be taken from the approved list of ECE elective courses.

7Course satisfying another minor or major or should be treated as technical elective