ROBO-Games Competition Robot

ROBO-Games Competition Robot


David Curtis

Xiaochen Zhang

Paige E. Moore

Richard Henry Jr

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Project Abstract

The main objective of this project is to design a robot that can compete in the ROBO-Games (The world’s largest robotics competition). The category in which this design would compete in is the balancing division. This event requires a robot to complete a race as fast as possible while balancing on one or two wheels. We are looking to create an autonomous robot that can navigate obstacles throughout the course while still maintaining its balance. According to Robo-Games website some of these obstacles the robot will have to traverse are Ramps, road cones, uneven surfaces, and speed bumps. The constraints for the robot are that it has to be under 50lbs, fit inside of a 3’ cube, and have a fail safe if it exceeds 5lbs. In order to construct said robot the team must be proficient in mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. The major difficulty in this project will be in creating algorithms that are able to handle any road surface the robot may encounter while still maintaining balance.