Ubiquitous Telemetry Down Link

Ubiquitous Telemetry Down Link


Michael Cole

Ralph Manno

Guari Nijsure´╗┐

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Project Abstract

Parks College of Saint Louis University and The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency have been investigating several projects where the transmission of airborne telemetry to one or more ground station is a desired attribute. These projects include the telemetry module for the SAE heavy lift aircraft, the telemetry module for the Parks rocket team as well as future projects for aiding in airborne activities of first responders in search and rescue and disaster situations. The Ubiquitous Telemetry Down Link will be able to downlink audio and video from a subset of commercially available microphone and cameras.

This subset should include models from both analog and digital families. The Down Link will also be able to downlink low data rate information from a range of analog sensors, all RS232 and I2C and a selection of USB and ethernet based sensors.

The Ubiquitous Telemetry Down Link will have the capability to be run time configured from a ground station. Configuration may include modification of the data rates, control of yaw/pitch/focus motors as well the bridging of command to other devices over communications links such as RS232, I2C, USB and ethernet.

Being this is an airborne telemetry device weight, size and power are critical design parameters. The other critical design parameters are range and throughput. These parameters will be worked out in meeting with the potential customers early in the design cycle.

The communication channel is to be constructed such that there can be multiple viewers of the downlink and possibly multiple originators of the uplink. This multi-homed uplink should support a single control station with the ability to hand control to a different control station.