Physicists have played a major role in the discovery of many new phenomena leading to whole new technologies, such as the transistor, which led to the development of computers.

Physics Department | Engineering Physics Major

Want to unlock the secrets of the universe? Want to know how the physical world actually works? The bachelor of science degree at Saint Louis University stresses not only the fundamentals of physics but also the understanding of its applications to other areas such as chemistry, biology and engineering. Our program also includes opportunities to participate in faculty research.

What is Physics?

Physics is the branch of science that studies the nature of matter, energy, and spacetime at the most fundamental level. It provides a foundation for all the natural sciences and engineering disciplines. In the twentieth century alone, physics has brought such revolutions as relativity, quantum mechanics, and the big bang theory, profoundly altering the way mankind views the universe.

Physicists have played a major role in the discovery of many new phenomena leading to whole new technologies. The invention of the transistor, by physicists, has made the computer possible, while the development of lasers has led to diverse applications ranging from laser surgery to supermarket scanners.

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Staying Connected with Alumni

After graduation, we like to stay in touch with our alumni.  If you are graduate, please take a few moments to rate how our curriculum prepared you for your career.  This information will be used for accreditation purposes and continuous quality improvement. Participation in the survey will help us to make the programs better for current and future students.

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Department Chair: William Thacker