Physics Major

Physicists are scientists who study the properties and interactions of matter and energy in all their forms (liquid, solid, gas, and plasma).

DSC03289What is Physics?

Physics is the branch of science that studies the nature of matter, energy, and spacetime at the most fundamental level. It provides a foundation for all the natural sciences and engineering disciplines. Physics has brought such revolutions as relativity, quantum mechanics, and the “big bang” theory, profoundly altering the way mankind views the universe.

Physicists have played a major role in the discovery of many phenomena leading to whole new technologies. The invention of the transistor, by physicists, has made the computer possible, while the development of lasers has led to diverse applications ranging from supermarket scanners to laser surgery. The physicist is a versatile problem solver, able to excel in many technical fields.

A training in physics leads to a broad-based understanding of natural phenomena, analytical and computer skills, experience with electronics and the operation of sophisticated equipment, an understanding of measurements and their limitations, and the ability to formulate and solve technical problems.

The Major

The Department of Physics offers a Bachelor of Science degree at Parks College that prepares students for a broad range of careers requiring scientific and technical knowledge. This program is excellent preparation for graduate work in physics and other fields or for work in industry.

The B.S. degree stresses undergraduate research and applications of computers in physics, taking advantage of the state of the art facilities at Parks College. A focused set of electives, called allied electives, allows the student to adapt the program to his or her own career plans.

Students of the physics program gain a solid foundation in analytical, computational, and laboratory skills through course work in mathematics, computer science, and physics. The physics curriculum includes courses in Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, as well as Optics, Electronics, and Modern Physics.

Special Topics courses in subjects such as Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity are also taught. Saint Louis University places a strong emphasis on the education of the whole person. In order to round out their education, all students at Parks take courses in theology, humanities, ethics, social and behavioral sciences, cultural diversity.

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