Student Stories

Katie Foster

Katie Foster

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Class of 2015

St. Louis, MO

Honors Student

Alpha Epsilon Delta

BJC Hospice Volunteer

“I feel like everything I’m doing now will help me to succeed after graduation.”

Why I Chose SLU: Community

I made the decision to come to SLU based on the community here. Everyone is always working together, and I love being a part of that. Of course, being close enough to see my parents a lot was part of my decision to come to SLU, too!

What I Like about Parks College: Opportunities for Service

The atmosphere on campus is so great. I feel like everything I’m doing now will help me to succeed in medical school after graduation. My classes so far have been great, and my professors are so nice and always available to chat with. I’m really excited to take digital design and circuits classes this fall.

It’s rare to find an electrical engineering major who wants to continue on to med school, but studying electrical engineering (with an emphasis in bio-electronics) gives me a way of understanding the world and solving problems that will be really helpful when I’m a doctor. Bio-electronics offers me a chance to integrate technical skills into my pre-med studies. I love the challenge that engineering presents and the firm intellectual basis that I am earning.

Being at SLU has exposed me to new opportunities. Through SLU’s community service website, I found out about BJC Hospice Volunteering, which I now do and love doing. I also went on a mission trip to Costa Rica this summer that I heard about from another student. We spent two weeks in three different communities in Costa Rica, helping immigrants with basic health care needs.

What I Want to Do After Graduation: Medical School

I definitely want to continue on to medical school. I’m not sure exactly what kind of medicine I want to specialize in, but I definitely want to have a practice and spend time with patients. Maybe someday, my electrical engineering education will help me design better surgical tools - we’ll see!