Engineering and Aviation at SLU


Through our Leadership Academy, our alumni are actively engaged in mentoring students after graduation, helping them navigate career and professional development challenges and coaching them to see the worth in those challenges.

Hands-On Learning

Through formal lab courses and competitive student groups, there are plenty of opportunities to learn how to use power tools and CAD/CAM tools to manufacture parts and build products.

Internships & Jobs

Our students are actively engaged with the local industry – they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of internships and part-time jobs that enable them to earn valuable practical experience before they graduate.

Cutting-Edge Research

Our research is focused in four major areas: aviation safety, space exploration, biomedical engineering and sustainability. Both undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with faculty, publish their results and present at professional conferences.

Dedicated Faculty & Staff

The low faculty-to-student ratio allows our world class faculty to inspire our students, feed their curiosity, awaken their minds and to instill in them the joy of lifelong learning. Our staff members are also dedicated to student success – every student is known to the faculty and staff by name.

Strong Curricula

One of the biggest advantages of engineering and aviation curricula at Saint Louis University is the opportunity for students to connect across a multitude of disciplines, including humanities, health care, business and fine arts. Technical proficiency is the entry-ticket and the well-rounded Jesuit education is the foundation of leadership.

Student Life

Through Learning Communities, Freshman Interest Groups and student chapters of national professional organizations, our students learn to interact with people with diverse interests, build teams, travel to foreign countries, engage in service projects and discover their inner strength.

Study Abroad Experience

Saint Louis University has a campus in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid Campus offers a wide range of academic degree programs and opportunities. Parks College students have the opportunity to enroll in programs at the Madrid campus during their freshman or sophomore years for a semester of study abroad experience rather seamlessly. Many engineering courses are offered on this campus. More details can be found at: