Boeing Learning Together Program

Boeing Learning Together Program

Parks College is proud to offer Boeing employees outstanding education at our premier institution.

About Parks College

Parks College has a worldwide reputation for aviation and aerospace engineering programs. We’ve emerged as a leader in disciplines such as electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering. A program in Civil Engineering has been started with emphasis in smart structures, sustainability and smart transportation.

Several global challenges have emerged as opportunities for engineering and aviation students of Saint Louis University. Students are able to make a difference, apply their education in a context that is technically brilliant, socially responsible, and
uniquely enterprising, and to ultimately make our world a better, more inclusive place.

Parks graduate students collaborate with faculty on research in areas such as aviation safety, biomedicine, space exploration and sustainability; the four major areas of research at the college. These efforts address global challenges of the 21st century.
Our four research areas cross traditional disciplines, allowing students to work not only with engineering and aviation faculty, but also with faculty from business, medicine, psychology and chemistry. Together, diverse faculty and students bring multiple perspectives to solve challenging problems.

Degrees Offered at Parks College

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Boeing Discount

At Parks College, we offer Boeing employees CEU courses at a 15% discount off the University’s published rate.  Additionally, all part-time master’s and doctoral programs are offered at a 20% discount off the University’s published rate.

Contact Us for More Information

Contact Us for More Information

Chris Penberthy

Enrollment Coordinator

Phone: 314-977-8236