Professional Development Course: Safety Management Systems for Managers - Day 2

February 8, 2013 at 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Saint Louis University Campus - McDonnell Douglas Hall

Aviation Science

Course Description

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a proactive management strategy intended to grow organizational safety well above regulatory minimums by treating it as a core business activity.  However, SMS is more than just a tool to manage safety; a properly designed and implemented SMS may provide organizations benefits beyond improved safety performance.  This course discusses the fundamental concepts of SMS and provides insight on how organizations can leverage SMS to support four core business strategies and thus improve operational performance.  The strategies include continuous improvement, knowledge management, lean manufacturing, and developing a learning organization.  The course also discusses scalability concepts and strategies for implementing SMS across organizations of varying size and complexity.

Register for the CASR Professional Development CourseCourse Objectives

To provide the individual with the skills and practical methods to plan, manage and maintain an effective Aviation Safety Management System that also provides business benefits beyond safety.

Who Should Attend

Individuals responsible for planning, directing, and managing safety or operational activities.  This includes airline,commuter, corporate, fixed base operator, government, insurance, and airport management.  Individuals from a variety of aviation related professions will benefit from this course inducing;airline managers, pilots, and aircraft mechanics; airport managers and fixed base operators; air traffic controllers and technical operations specialists;as well as individuals from other high consequence industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and health care who are interested in improving safety.

Course Outline

The following topics will be addressed in this course.

  • Background and Purpose of SMS
  • Safety Culture: Enabler of SMS
  • Using SMS to Empower Employees     
  • SMS Concepts and Implementation Strategies
    • Safety Policy and Objectives
    • Management Commitment
    • Safety Accountability
    • Appointment of Key Safety Personnel
    • Coordination of Emergency Response Planning
    • SMS Documentation
    • Safety Risk Management
    • Hazard Identification
    • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
    • Safety Assurance
    • Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement
    • Management of Change
    • Safety Promotion
    • Safety Training and Education
    • Safety Communication
  • Moving the Organization from Reactive to Proactive
  • SMS Business Strategies
    • Knowledge Management
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Learning Organization
    • Lean Principles

Course Outcomes

Participants in this course will have increased knowledge and skills to:

    • Understand a model of the components and dynamics of safety culture,
    • Identify the dominant states of safety culture,
    • Recognize the manager’s and leader’s role in shaping and changing safety culture in aviation
    • Understand important aspects of the organizational change process,
    • Recognize the barriers and facilitators for safety transformation, and
    • Appreciate the value of managing safety culture from a system-wide perspective.

About Aviation Safety Professional Development Courses

The Center for Aviation Safety Research (CASR) offers Aviation Safety courses designed for organizational leaders. Courses provide managers with valuable insight on how to achieve the highest level of safety within an organization while improving operational performance. They are led by skilled educators in aviation safety who have extensive industry experience and are leaders in aviation research.

Participants receive a certificate of completion for each course and may earn a Certificate in Aviation Safety for Managers from CASR upon completion of all four courses. These courses may qualify for professional development credits. Check with your industry’s accreditation organization for more information on qualifying professional development activities. Courses are held at Saint Louis University and each course is two days in length.

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