First year Civil Engineering Students Address Clean Water Issues in Agriculture

September 10, 2010
Civil Engineering


Dr. Megan Hart with students, explaining project scenario


Freshman engineering water filter project

Civil engineering students address the issue of clean water in agriculture. Students built water filters in Dr. Megan Hart’s freshman engineering course. They had two hours to complete the project designed to provide a clean water source for farming.

Dr. Hart described the importance of projects building the water filters: “Freshman engineering is designed as a hands-on, project-based learning course which allows students to identify a problem and create a solution. It was great to see the students working together to solve an identified need.”

About the assignment

The students were to‚Ä®provide a clean water source for livestock consumption. The scenario involved a farm with a contaminated pond due to an upscale condominium development built near the farm. 

Students were provided with proper materials and specifications to create the filters. They followed environmental regulations and submitted plans to the farmer, Dr. Hart, for review.

Testing has begun for effectiveness of the filters. Photos coming soon. 

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