SLU Aviation Researchers Receive Top Honor in University Aviation Association Competition

November 5, 2010
Aviation Science, Research

Researchers in the Center for Aviation Safety Research at SLU collaborated on a project studying factors that influenced undergraduate students in their decision to enter aviation and choose a college. Damon Lercel and Richard Steckel won first place in the University Aviation Association Student Virtual Poster Contest for their project titled: Factors that Influence an Undergraduate Student to Choose a Career in Aviation, and Enroll in the Aviation Science Program at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology .

aviation-deptLercel and Steckel surveyed freshman, sophomore, junior and senior level students in flight science and aviation management studies.

In choosing an aviation college, students ranked aviation reputation and academic reputation as the highest factors in their decision. Wanting to be a professional pilot and working in the aviation industry were the most important factors when deciding on aviation as a career field of choice. 

Results of the study will help the department better educate students and further improve aviation at SLU. It will also assist in strategic and financial planning for the department.

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