Parks Students Win SLU Idea to Product Competition

November 17, 2010
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On Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010 the winners of the 2010-11 Idea to Product Saint Louis University Competition were announced and a team of Parks College students took first place. Michael Kelly, Gregory Keogh and Dominique Turk won with their idea, entitled the  R-Pen Marker System. All of the teams recognized for their ideas in the competition at Saint Louis University are listed below. These ideas are eligible to compete in the next round, the Missouri-Illinois I2P competition to be held at Saint Louis University on March 4-5, 2011:

1st Place - $1000 prize:  R-Pen Marker System with teammates Michael Kelly, Gregory Keogh and Dominique Turk
2nd Place - $800 prize: represented by Mike Golomb
3rd Place - $600 prize:  SEADS represented by John Boysha
4th Place (judges awarded two ideas this prize level) - $400 prize: Nonpareil Bride represented by Shelley Hintman and Visual Search represented by Jeremy Pollock.

About the Idea to Project Competition

Idea To Product ® is an international competition with branches in Asia and Europe as well as several campuses in the United States.  The program is based at the University of Texas at Austin.  It is a three-tiered idea competition beginning at the campus level, then the two-state level, and on to the global forum. This year will be our fifth year hosting I2P for universities in Missouri and Illinois. Over the years, 12 universities and over 400 students have participated in the Missouri/Illinois I2P competition. Please refer to the left-hand menu and click on each year for a listing of the top-placed ideas.

Idea to Product is a unique academic competition looking at ideas at their earliest stage. I2P only requires a two page submission, done according to a strict format, outlining an idea for a product or service and its market. This approach makes it possible for people across the campus to develop and present ideas, obtain feedback, and start the process of invention commercialization and venture creation.

I2P is open to all graduate and undergraduate students, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.  Although winners receive cash prizes, the greater benefit is the opportunity for participants to receive substantial feedback on their early stage ideas. I2P offers the larger technology and financial communities the opportunity to get an early view of new ideas, thereby jump-starting the development process.

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