The Center for Aviation Safety Research Hosts the Safety Across High Consequence Industries Conference.

February 25, 2011
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About the conference

Saint Louis University is proud to host the Sixth Safety Across High-Consequence Industries Conference, designed to provide a unique forum for researchers and practitioners from aviation, health care and other high-consequence fields to share their experiences, present experiential case-studies and above all, forge new partnerships that foster collaborative problem-solving. The 2011 SAHI Conference will focus on “Safety from the C-Suite Perspective.”

CASRlogowebI-q14The Conference will be located at Saint Louis University’s Busch Student Center in the heart of the mid-town St. Louis campus. The Busch Student Center is conveniently located by numerous major hotels and multiple public transportation hubs.   


Each day speakers and panelists will present information about the cutting-edge research and current safety issues that practitioners are facing every day in high-consequence fields, with an emphasis on health care,  aviation and construction. 

During the exploration of the themes, Conference attendees will be able to participate in a series of breakaway sessions, during which they will examine different components of common topics, with the goal of understanding the challenges we face and developing best practices to overcome obstacles.

This year’s theme, Safety from the “C-Suite” Perspective, includes: 

  • bundled benefits of safety practices
  • business case for safety
  • pay for performance
  • non-reimbursable actions
  • safety leadership
  • safety agendas and accountability.

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