Jet Airways Partners with SLU

June 17, 2011

On May 16, 2011 Saint Louis University’s Center for Aviation Safety Research entered into a 5-year partnership with Jet Airways (India) Ltd called the Safety Management System (SMS) Advantage Program. The SMS Advantage Program creates a customized safety management system by providing a detailed assessment of the organization and creating training solutions tailored specifically to the organization. The SMS Advantage Program goes beyond current SMS solutions by developing an integrated system that is more sustainable, achieves higher safety performance results and provides greater organizational Safety Culture development. The SMS Advantage Program presents training that empowers employees with valuable safety assessment skills. This leads to better risk identification and risk management, resulting in greater financial performance.

The SMS Advantage Program not only enables Jet Airways to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization’s SMS requirements, but also develops the organization’s ability to analyze their current state of safety and how to leverage SMS as a business management tool to improve cost controls and financial results.

Saint Louis University (SLU) has a long history of providing aviation organizations with world-class safety initiatives. SLU has worked with some of the world’s largest airlines and is proud to have been selected to partner with Jet Airways. The SLU team consists of professionals with many years of industry, research and academic experience.

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology is the first federally certified flight school in the nation. Rooted in a tradition of hands-on learning, Parks College has earned a worldwide reputation for its aviation and aerospace engineering programs and has emerged as a leader in biomedical, electrical, mechanical and other engineering disciplines.


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