iScholars Application Deadline Approaching

April 2, 2012
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iScholars Program

We are excited to announce iScholars (innovation scholars) program 2012-13. iScholars program, where you learn by leading, is funded by the Kern Family Foundation – Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network  (KEEN).  Saint Louis University is a part of the network of twenty KEEN schools. It received a major grant from the foundation to promote the e-mindset. iScholars program is a part of several initiatives at SLU.

About Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network

KEEN’s mission is to graduate engineers equipped with an action-oriented entrepreneurial mindset who will contribute to business success and transform the U.S. workforce.  The long-term goal is for these new engineers to catalyze a transformation in the workforce and to build economic and technical commerce in their communities. This focus on entrepreneurial leaders is increasingly important as the U.S. competes to maintain its economic position in a global marketplace based on innovation.


1.     Must be an engineering major at Saint Louis University.

2.     GPA should be greater than 3.25 for Sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Continuation in this program is subject to maintaining a GPA above 3.25.

3.     Freshmen can apply—the program will accept up to 5 first year students. However, the selection will be based on their performance on the SLU I2P competition and an interview in mid-October.


The program is viewed as a grass-root student-led initiative to promote the entrepreneurial mindset (e-mindset) in the engineering school and across Saint Louis University campus. iScholars are expected to work 10 hours per week to promote e-mindset across the campus. They are engaged in different roles and activities, such as:



  Potential Activities

  Inspiration Outreach Ambassadors

  Visit high schools

  Conduct boot camps for K-12 students

  Talk to prospective students

  Innovation Leaders

  Initiate new project ideas and lead extra-curricular teams

  Participate in competitions

  Promote project-based learning in the classroom

  Creative thinkers

  Create entrepreneurial mindset modules for engineering courses

  Develop creative activities for the classroom

  Initiate new experiments for labs

  Promote entrepreneurial mindset across the campus

  Write articles in the SLU newspaper

  Create newsletters

  Organize speaker series, meetings, and workshops


Each recipient will receive a stipend award of $1500 to $2500 per year depending on their progress in their engineering major.

Application Package

Download the 2012 - 2013 iScholars Application

The application is due on Monday 4/15/12 by 5:00 pm. Please email the application to Dr. Sridhar Condoor at The application should include:

Completed application form with a statement of purpose describing the fit between your interests and iScholars program (less than 100 words)

  • Resume
  • Names of three references (Parks Faculty)

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