Parks College SAE Aero Design Team Succeeds in ASAE West Competition

April 4, 2012
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This is a heavy lift aircraft design competition with three classes of aircraft: Micro Class, Regular Class, Advanced Class. The SAE Aero Design team sent two aircrafts: one competing in the Advanced Class and one in the Micro Class.

At the competition, the teams were scored/judged based on a submitted thirty page technical design deport, a ten minute oral presentation, and their aircraft’s flight score. The advanced class’ flight score is dependent on two variables: payload lifted, and the aircraft’s ability to measure, record, and display the aircraft’s take-off and landing distance. (The goal of this class is to move towards autonomous flight and because it is a new class they are taking baby steps with flight and data recording). The micro class’ flight score is  dependent on the payload fraction that the aircraft can achieve during flight, thus the goal is to build an aircraft with the lightest empty weight.

Overall Results

The team participated in two different design classes in this competition: 

In the Micro Class our Parks Team achieved the following placement:

  • 1st Place  - Design Report Micro Class

In the Advanced Class, our Parks Team achieved the following placements:

  • 1st Place  - Design Report Advanced Class
  • 1st Place - most accurate DAS system (the system that records takeoff and landing)
  • 3rd Place - Oral Presentation

The advanced team finished 5th Overall in the Advanced Class out of 10 teams. Micro class ended up in 7th out of 18 teams. As a sophomore team, we considered this a huge success as they competed against graduate teams who placed ahead of them and had they successfully completed their last mission, would have placed 3rd overall in their class.


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