Parks student launches 'Campus Bazar'

April 25, 2012
Parks College News

Thomas Muntaner, a senior in Saint Louis University’s Park’s College of Engineering and Aviation Technology, wanted to help his girlfriend find a partner for one of her class projects. Having trouble, Muntaner had a thought — why not have a website where students could find partners for class projects? That thought expanded into his website, Campusbazar.

Campus BazarThe site serves as a social networking site with the goal of linking students from similar colleges and universities to locate buyers and sellers for goods such as textbooks, furniture and even to find sublessors for apartments or partners for school projects.

“We found that a lot of students end up buying and selling the same things every year, buying the same couches from target every year and throwing them out,” Muntaner said. “Students are always having trouble finding people to buy their books and need a way to contact other students.”

Muntaner said that Campusbazar will only allow access to students with .edu email addresses, and it will allow them to connect with students from their own universities and other schools nearby for free. He said that by requiring an .edu email address, it verifies that the person on the other side of the transaction will be a student.

“On other websites, like Craigslist, you never know the other person and whether to trust them. Through Campusbazar, you’re guaranteed that the other person is a student,” Muntaner said.

The website will not allow transactions between students on websites via credit card; rather, Campusbazar exists only to link the students and allow the two parties to carry out the transaction independently.

I like the idea of In my major I take a lot of classes where I need volunteers but I never know the right people on facebook.

 — Susanne Schmidt, senior at SLU


Source: The University News

Original article written by BRIAN BOYD, news-editor of The University News.

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