Saint Louis University Announces New Dean of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology

August 8, 2012
Parks College News

Theodosios Alexander, Sc.D., has been named the new dean of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology at Saint Louis University.

Alexander, who currently serves as chair of energy engineering at Queen Mary, University of London, England, will join Saint Louis University Sept. 1.

“Dr. Alexander brings considerable experience as an administrator, scholar and researcher to his new role at Saint Louis University,” said Manoj Patankar, Ph.D., (‘92) vice president for academic affairs. “As a Parks graduate, I am proud that someone with such international renown will lead my alma mater.”

Theodosios AlexanderTheodosios Alexander, Sc.D.

Alexander, who is also known as Theodosios Korakianitis and publishes under the latter name, said he is excited by the opportunity to lead Parks College. Among his primary goals, he said he will seek to improve the school’s rankings and to expand its reputation for excellence in teaching, research and service.

“I want us to springboard from the historical foundations, traditions and mission of Saint Louis University and of Parks College, and to advance our reputation as an institution where research-led education provides sought-after and marketable degrees to our graduates,” Alexander said.

“We will strive for Parks College to reach a comfortable state where every individual’s career and personal goals and the institutional goals are aligned, and are all framed in the context of academic excellence, as well as research accomplishment, scholarship and business relevance,” he continued. “I want us to work cleverly, efficiently and with tireless determination to achieve our goals.”

The SLU appointment is a sort of homecoming for Alexander. His first academic post was at Washington University in St. Louis, where he served from 1988-2001. During that same period, he worked on engineering projects for the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and Boeing Company.

After a decade away, Alexander said he is looking forward to enjoying some of his St. Louis favorites, including the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Forest Park; Cardinals and Rams games; bicycling on the Great River Road; and trips to The Hill and Ted Drewes.


More about Alexander:

Alexander was educated in England and the United States completing his First Class Honours undergraduate degree in Marine Engineering at Newcastle upon Tyne University in the United Kingdom before attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received master’s degrees in naval architecture and marine engineering, ocean systems management and mechanical engineering. He went on to earn his Sc.D. in mechanical engineering at MIT.

After his time at Washington University in St. Louis, Alexander held the James Watt Chair in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and went on to become Chair of Energy Engineering at Queen Mary, one of the Colleges of the University of London. He also has worked for Hellenic Shipyards, U.S. Navy consultants John J. McMullen Associates in Washington D.C., the Northern Research and Engineering Corporation, McDonnell Douglas Corporation and the Boeing Company on propulsion-system studies. He is active in several international consulting activities.

Alexander’s research focuses on thermal/fluid sciences and applications on the design of power and propulsion systems, energy conversion systems, renewable energy and engineering systems and components. His personal research concentrates on unsteady thermo-fluid dynamics and unsteady transport phenomena within the above themes.

His latest research is on the performance of turbo machinery and airfoils, on a novel method to predict gas turbine and piston engine emissions, on the development of a novel engine for unmanned aerial vehicles (NASA, U.S. Army and DARPA funding) on fluid-dynamic modeling of the cardiovascular system, and development of mechanical circulatory support devices.

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