SPICE takes off with Bob Bornhofen

February 4, 2013
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

spice-12913thumbBob Bornhofen, Founder and CEO of Sport Jet, joined the Speakers Pioneering Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship´╗┐ (SPICE) series as the first speaker of the spring semester on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

Mr. Bornhofen discussed the many obstacles that any entrepreneur or manufacturer is capable of overcoming that not only derailed the prior failures but current industry investment mentality to produce a light jet aircraft. 

“Mr. Bornhofen’s talk enlightened me on the organizational and political issues that plague the lightweight, affordable jet aircraft industry in today’s marketplace,” said Brian Kovarik, aerospace and mechanical engineering student. “He really emphasized
the fact that, good engineering is always required, but those in charge from the administration to investors must be dedicated and sell their products wisely.”

Mr. Bornhofen is the president of Sport-Jet, Ltd., where he oversees engineering and designing of the Sport-Jet. Mr. Bornhofen’s most significant aviation accomplishment is his involvement and responsibility for all design, engineering, manufacturing, and flight- testing of the Maverick TwinJet. With 13 years experience at TRW and Hughes Aircraft, Bob lead projects for the Apollo Moon land mission. He has over 18 years experience with advanced electronic imaging systems in addition to extensive start-up company experience.

SPICE is a free ongoing speaker event to enhance the flavor of engineering education by bringing technology visionaries into direct contact with students and practitioners. The goal of SPICE is to influence the ecosystem by bringing role models in to educate the charms and challenges in realizing breakthrough innovations.

SPICE is funded by the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN). KEEN is a collaboration of 19 universities around the U.S. that strive to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students. KEEN’s mission is to “graduate
engineers who will contribute to business success, and in doing so, transform the American workforce.”

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