Alpha Eta Rho - Pi Chapter Participates in Fundraising Airplane Wash

April 25, 2016
Aviation Science, Parks College News

planewash458wAlpha Eta Rho members participated in an fundraising airplane wash to support to Wings of Hope

The Saint Louis University chapter of the Alpha Eta Rho aviation fraternity participated in a fundraising airplane wash to provide support to Wings of Hope on Saturday, April 23, at the Wings of Hope hangar at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport. Wings of Hope is an aviation nonprofit working around the globe to lift people in need toward health and self-sufficiency.

With their roots in aviation, Wings of Hope uses planes to bring health and hope to forgotten communities. However, not all of their efforts involve aircraft. Since their very first mission to help the famine-stricken Turkana people in northwest Kenya, Wings of Hope has provided humanitarian assistance to the poor in 47 countries. Today, Wings of Hope aids people in Africa, the Americas and Asia, partnering with communities to improve their health, education, economic opportunity and food security.

Wings of Hope also established the Medical Relief and Air Transport (MAT) Program to serve the very real need for healthcare access that exists right here in the United States. The Wings of Hope organization provides healthcare access to the disadvantaged, primarily children with life-threatening disabilities, birth defects or chronic, complex illnesses. Wings of Hope is the only free medical air transport service in the U.S., with specially equipped aircraft that can accommodate stretchers, wheelchairs and medical equipment.

“Alpha Eta Rho is a proud partner of Wings of Hope,” said Steve Magoc, department chair of Aviation Science. “Alpha Eta Rho is the home of ‘Collegiate Aviation Leaders of Today…Aviation Industry Leaders of Tomorrow.’ I can’t think of a better way to support aviation through the Jesuit values of Saint Louis University.”

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