Parks Holds First Order of the Engineer Ceremony

May 23, 2016
Civil Engineering, Parks College News

img2180-c62On March 29, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology hosted its first ever Order of the Engineer Ceremony. 

The Order of the Engineer is a roster of engineers in the United States who have participated in an engineer’s ring ceremony and publicly accepted the “obligation of an engineer.” The obligation is much like a physician’s Hippocratic Oath. The obligation states that engineers will recognize two basic principles – the primary purpose of engineering is service to the public and the second is that all members share a common bond. 

Participation in the Order of the Engineer is voluntary and open to all graduating engineering seniors and professionals who are willing to formally recognize the oath. All those participating are issued an engineer’s ring. This ring is to be worn on the fifth finger of the working hand to remind them of their obligation. 

ASCE student president, Michelle Bresnahan, was responsible for bringing this ceremony to fruition.  More than 20 students, faculty and industry partners participated in the ceremony. 

According to Ronaldo Luna, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, Professor and Chair of Civil Engineering, “this ceremony recognizes our students’ commitment to society and their chosen professions. It is the first of what I hope is many more ceremonies to follow.”

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