SLU’s Rocket Propulsion Lab Becomes More Functional and Useful for Students

August 22, 2016
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, Parks College News

rocketproplab300wSLU’s Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (formerly the SLU Rocketry Club) has undergone some significant changes in order to be more functional and useful for students. The group is a student organization that designs and tests rocket systems with the intention of giving its members real-world experiences and shaping them into future aerospace industry leaders. By including students from the John Cook School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences, engineering students will work alongside students from other disciples, which mimics the experience they will have working in industry.

The group has a three-pronged vision. First, the club wants to be an attractive partner to industry by jointly working to research nanosatellite propulsion technology. Next, the club offers diverse experiences to students through collaborations with students of various majors on campus. Lastly, through projects ranging from design and development, building, testing, and budget management, the group hopes to expand the skills of its members so they are ready to enter the industry upon graduation.

The group attends multiple intercollegiate competitions throughout the year. This is great for teaching members project management and giving them opportunities to apply class knowledge to real-world aerospace projects. Placing well in these competitions not only brings in money for the college, but also gives the group better recognition in the collegiate rocket engineering field.

By involving students from all over campus, the group seeks to expand its SLU footprint and show the university that engineering organizations do not need to be limited to engineering students. The group has expanded significantly this year. Last year, the group had only six members. This year, it has ballooned to more than 45.

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