Parks College Co-Hosts Aviation Outreach Event

September 21, 2016
Aviation Science, Parks College News

eyesabovehorizon275x183Participants explore aircraft during the event

On Saturday, Sept. 10, Parks College helped host the event “Eyes Above the Horizon – The Sky is the Limit until It’s Your Point of View!”

The event was presented by the Legacy Flight Academy and held at the St. Louis Downtown Airport.

 “The event was a huge success,” said Steve Magoc, chair of SLU’s Department of Aviation Science. “There were approximately 80 kids in attendance, and they all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. The organizers were so happy with the turnout that they intend to host a similar event here again, even as early as the spring of 2017.”

The “Eyes Above the Horizon” event included flights from the Young Eagles, local EAA members who volunteer their time and aircraft to give discovery flights. In addition to the discovery flights, the event also included presentations and lunch at SLU’s Center for Aviation Science, located in Hangar 8.

The event began in 2015 as an outreach and flight orientation program designed to inspire minority and underserved youth to reach beyond their familiar circumstances and to develop interest in aerospace careers through flight introductions, mentorship and immersion into the rich history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen.

In order to best serve under-represented youth, this program was free to participants between 10 and 19 years of age. It also marked the first time the Legacy Flight Academy hosted an event outside its home station.

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