Research in Engineering and Aviation

Graduate and undergraduate engineering and aviation students at Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology have the opportunity to apply their education in a global context. We design our research projects to help students find ways to be technically brilliant, socially responsible, enterprising and ultimately to make our world better.

Areas of Research

To accomplish this, we focus on six areas of research: Aviation Safety, Biomedical Engineering, Space Systems, Sustainability, Structural Mechanics and Design and Thermal-fluid Sciences.

These six areas of research at the college address global challenges of the 21st century. Our research areas cross traditional disciplines, allowing students to work not only with engineering and aviation faculty, but also with faculty from business, medicine, psychology and chemistry. Together, diverse faculty and students bring multiple perspectives to solve challenging problems. Both undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with faculty, publish their results and present at professional conferences.

When you graduate with a degree from Parks College, you are armed with more than technical knowledge. Our graduates are equipped to work with others in a professional, yet collaborative, setting and realize the results of their work. Learn more about our undergraduate aviation degrees and undergraduate engineering programs. You may also want to download the graduate education catalog to understand those research areas. 


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