As awareness about the causes of global warming continues to grow, one thing is clear: the production of harmful carbon dioxide gases may lead to catastrophic consequences that threaten human existence. This realization has resulted in a worldwide call to reduce the human “carbon footprint” by using renewable energy sources that produce fewer, if any, CO2 emissions.

SLU researchers are concentrating their efforts on areas such as wind and solar power, green design, infrastructure design, as well as evaluation and restoration to answer the need for a more sustainable planet.

Researchers are working on problems regarding clean water, retrofitting structures and improving energy efficiency. SLU’s Center for Sustainability offers unique research and internship opportunities for graduate students throughout the St. Louis region.

 Name Position / Expertise Contact
sridhar-condoorSridhar Condoor
Ph.D., M.S., B.S.
Professor, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Design theory and methodology, technology entrepreneurship, and sustainability

Phone: (314) 977-8444


roobik-gharabagiRoobik Gharabagi
Ph.D., M.S, B.S.
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sustainability, simulation, investigation of thermal effects on semiconductor devices and its effects on Integrated Circuits performance, investigation of defects in semiconductor by studying device characteristics, modeling small geometry Lightly Doped Drain region MOS transistors, modeling small geometry MOS transistor on bulk silicon static and dynamic characteristics

Phone: (314) 977-8294


grigoriy-yablonskyGrigoriy Yablonsky
Ph.D., M.S., B.S.
Associate Research Professor of Chemistry
Heterogeneous catalysis, kinetics of complex chemical reactions mathematical modeling of chemical reactors and technnological processes, history and methodology of science

Phone: (314) 977-8305