Research Centers

Our undergraduate and graduate students have access to facilities that rival major universities and with our small class sizes, students are able to actually use the equipment.

 Research Centers

Center for Fluids at All Scales (CFAS)

The purpose of CFAS is to promote research and disseminate knowledge on the study of fluids at all physical scales, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. The Center also aims at promoting research on the application of fluid knowledge to various areas of the sciences and engineering. Examples of current research include studies of the micron-sized channels in microfluidic devices and blood vessels, the turbulence found behind parachutes and aircraft (see photo, courtesy of US Army Natick Soldier Center), and the superfluid interiors of neutron stars. CFAS also aims at promoting joint research projects regrouping experts of various disciplines and academic departments.

Center for Sensors & Sensor Systems (CSSS)

The purpose of the center is to provide specialized technological research and development in the area of sensor and sensor systems design and integration.

The mission of the center is to lead multi-disciplinary efforts focused on the systemic development and evaluation of sensor systems aiding in the creation of automated safety and security applications. The goal of these efforts is to design, implement, and evaluate such embedded systems as solutions to emerging needs, and to disseminate these solutions as widely as possible through research, publication, education, training, and consulting.