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3D FEM Investigation of the Effects of Nose Radius and Edge Radius on Turning of AISI 4140

November 2012

Author(s): J. Ma, Y. Yong, S. Lei

ASME IMECE 2012-88333. ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition. November 9-15, 2012, Houston, Texas, USA.


In this paper, FEM is employed to investigate the effects of nose radius and edge radius on the turning of AISI4140. The tool material used is Carbide and Johnson-Cook plastic model is employed to model the workpiece due to its capability of modeling large strains, high strain rates, and temperature dependent visco-plasticity. Different nose radii and edge radii are used to explore the effects of the nose radius and edge radius on the machining temperature, cutting forces, and power. This model provides a fundamental understanding of cutting mechanics of the turning operation of AISI 4140.