Research in Engineering and Aviation

An experimental investigation of a low-pressure turbine blade suction surface using a shear and stress sensitive film

January 2008

Author(s): McQuilling, M., Wolff, M., Fonov, S., Crafton, J., and Sondergaard, R.

Journal: Experiments in Fluids, 44(1), 73-88, DOI: 10.1007/s00348-007-0375-2


A shear and stress sensitive film (S3F) is employed on the suction surface of an industry standard low-pressure turbine blade. These tests address the optimization of S3F for low-speed air investigations on a curved surface, and are the first measurements of its kind. S3F provides all three stress components on a surface in a single measurement, and is based on 3D elastic deformations of a polymeric film. A detailed description of the S3F technique is presented along with proof of concept experiments, followed by the turbine results which illustrate the need for separate films tailored for the local stress levels in each area. Oil–film verification of stresses is also included.