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BillikenSat-II: The First Bio-Fuel Cell Test Platform for Space


Author(s): S. Jayaram, D. Pais, S. Hernandez, P. Lemon, N. Clark, B. Corrado, B. Vitale, J. Kerber, E. Nogales, J. Moya, R. Arechaderra

“BillikenSat-II: The First Bio-Fuel Cell Test Platform for Space”, SSC07-XI-3, USU/AIAA Small Satellite Conference, Logan, Utah, 2007.


Saint Louis University’s Space Systems Research Laboratory has designed and built an earth orbiting student project called BillikenSat-II that will carry a payload to test a Bio-Fuel Cell experiment. This satellite conforms to the CubeSat standard and is a pico-class satellite weighing a maximum of 1 kg and having dimensions of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. The satellite is to be launched on a converted Russian ICBM via the DNEPR program, in coordination with California Polytechnic and State University (CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, CA) at a launch date to be determined. This paper will describe BillikenSat II’s scientific objectives and the Bio-Fuel Cell test platform design to carry out the scientific objective as well as student designed and built BillikenSat-II spacecraft bus, its various subsystems and project management. Mission Statement: To design, build, test and launch a pico-satellite that fits the CubeSat standard and incorporates a Bio-Fuel Cell test experiment as payload.