Research in Engineering and Aviation

Design of High-Efficiency Turbomachinery and Gas Turbines

January 1998

Author(s): Wilson, D. G., T. Korakianitis

ISBN: 978-0-13-312000-4.


One of the only books to focus on turbomachinery and gas turbines from the “design” point of view. This volume reviews the necessary thermodynamics, gives extensive design data, provides engine and component illustrations (with comments on good and less-than-good design features), and contains many worked examples — allowing readers to produce preliminary designs that can be made and run quickly. More comprehensive than similar books, it features a simplified — and more accurate — thermodynamic treatment that eliminates the confusing use of “gamma” and specific heat together, and provides individual full-chapter coverage of on axial-flow turbines and compressors and radial-flow versions of the same.