Research in Engineering and Aviation

From Parks Air College to Parks College of Engineering & Aviation: 75 years of legacy in Aerospace Engineering

January 2004

Author(s): Ravindra, K., Waide, J.

Presented at the 42nd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Jan 2004. Also published in Aerospace Engineering Education During the First century of Flight, Edited by Barnes McCormick, Conrad Newberry and Eric Jumper, AIAA  June 2004.


Oliver L. Parks’ vision of aviation and aerospace engineering in 1927 spawned the birth of Parks Air College. He Began the school with the motto of “learning by doing”, which to this day is being practiced at Parks College of Engineering & Aviation. Parks has produced many aerospace engineers from across the United States and around the world. Parks graduates continue to hold key positions and make contributions to the aerospace industry and education. Many accounts exist in literature about the aviation history of Parks. The present manuscript is a focus on the evolution of Aeronautical Engineering at Parks from its inception to the present.