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Internet kinetics: Remote control of temporal analysis of products (TAP) reactor system

June 2010

Author(s): Fushimi, R., Zheng, X., Mills, P., Yablonsky, G., Gleaves, J.

21st International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE), June 13-16, 2010, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) reactor system has evolved from its original design based on molecular beam scattering experiments to a TAP-3 reactor system that allows the experimentalist to operate remotely from a computer all parts of an automated system. This configuration allows access to this unique catalyst characterization tool from all parts of the world. This abstract will highlight the experimental and technical capabilities of the remote control TAP-3 system by showing several key results and addressing automation design considerations to allow the system to be operated safely in the event of disruptions such as Internet/power outages.