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Modeling the dynamics of ensemble-averaged linear disturbances in homogeneous shear flow


Author(s): Thacker, W.D., Gatski, T.B., Grosch, C.E.

Journal: Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, Vol. 63, pp. 39-58 (2000). DOI: 10.1023/A:1009969805726


In order to expand the predictive capability of single-point turbulence closure models to account for the early-stage transition regime, a methodology for the formulation and calibration of model equations for the ensemble-averaged disturbance kinetic energy and energy dissipation rate is presented. The calibration is based on homogeneous shear flow where disturbances can be described by rapid distortion theory (RDT). The relationship between RDT and linear stability theory is exploited in order to obtain a closed set of modeled equations. The linear disturbance equations are solved directly so that the numerical simulation yields a database from which the closure coefficients in the ensemble-averaged disturbance equations can be determined.