Research in Engineering and Aviation

Option for adoption of hydrogen or natural gas with emulsified biodiesel for pilot injection in dual-fuel operation of diesel engines

July 2011

Author(s): Bob-Manuel, K.D.H., Crookes, R.J., Korakianitis, T., Namasivayam, A.M.

Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition 2011, pp. 578-587.


The research on the use of alternative or sustainable fuel in diesel engine operation for transportation and power plant has been intensified in the past few years to achieve improved performance and friendly environment. In this study, an emulsified biodiesel (rapeseed methyl ester – RME) was used for pilot injection in a natural gas and hydrogen dual-fuelled compression ignition (CI) engine to investigate the performance and levels of exhaust emissions under steady state conditions. Generally operation with natural gas dual-fuel using emulsified RME fuel pilot injection reduced NOx emissions while similar operation with hydrogen increases the NOx. The use of hydrogen as fuel in transportation and power plant operation will contribute mainly in the reduction of CO2 and hence greenhouse effect (climate change) on the environment.

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