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Oscillations of General Relativistic Multi-fluid/Multi-Layer Compact Stars

October 2008

Author(s): Lap-Ming Lin, N. Andersson, and G. L. Comer

Journal: Physical Review D, v. 78, n. 8, 083008. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.78.083008


We develop the formalism for determining the quasinormal modes of general relativistic multifluid compact stars in such a way that the impact of superfluid gap data can be assessed. Our results represent the first attempt to study true multilayer dynamics, an important step towards considering realistic superfluid/superconducting compact stars. We combine a relativistic model for entrainment with model equations of state that explicitly incorporate the symmetry energy. Our analysis emphasizes the many different parameters that are required for this kind of modeling, and the fact that standard tabulated equations of state are grossly incomplete in this respect. To make progress, future equations of state need to provide the energy density as a function of the various nucleon number densities, the temperature (i.e. entropy), and the entrainment among the various components.

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