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Probing Neutron Star Superfluidity with Gravitational Wave Data

November 2001

Author(s): N. Andersson and G. L. Comer

Journal: Physical Review Letters, v. 87, n. 24, 241101. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.87.241101


We discuss the possibility that future gravitational-wave detectors may be able to detect various modes of oscillation of old, cold neutron stars. We argue that such detections would provide unique insights into the superfluid nature of neutron-star cores, and could also lead to a much improved understanding of pulsar glitches. Our estimates are based on a detector configuration with several narrow-band (cryogenic) interferometers operating as a “xylophone” which could lead to high sensitivity at high frequencies. We also draw on recent advances in our understanding of the dynamics of pulsating superfluid neutron-star cores.

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