Research in Engineering and Aviation

Risk management and error reduction in aviation maintenance


Author(s):  Patankar, M., & Taylor, J.C.


Although several US and European airlines have started providing human factors training for their maintenance personnel, the academic community (some 300 academic programmes in the United States and several others in Europe and Asia) has not yet started offering formal human factors education to maintenance students. The authors of this work strongly believe in incorporating the human factors principles in aviation maintenance. This is the first of two volumes that provide effective behavioural guidance on risk management in aviation maintenance for both the novice and the experienced maintenance personnel. Its practical guidelines assist both student and practising aviation maintenance personnel to develop sustainable safety culture. For the maintenance community it provides some theoretical discussion about the “why?” for risk management and then focuses on the “how?” to implement a successful error reduction programme. The book is intended to serve as a practical guide as well as an academic textbook. It covers fundamental human factors principles from a risk management perspective and due consideration is given to cultural diversity, return on investment analysis and safety culture development.