Research in Engineering and Aviation

Safety culture: Building and sustaining a cultural transformation in aviation and healthcare


Author(s):  Patankar, M., Brown, J., Sabin, E., & Bigda-Peyton, T.


In Safety Culture: Building and Sustaining a Cultural Change in Aviation and Healthcare, the four authors draw upon their extensive teaching, research and field experience from multiple industries to describe the dynamic nature of a culture-change process, particularly in safety-critical domains. They use the Safety Culture Pyramid model to present a more comprehensive look at safety culture rather than the traditional perspective that has been limited to safety climate analysis. This model uses mixed-method approach to present analysis of safety culture at four levels: safety values, safety strategies, safety climate, and safety performance. Together, these levels form the Safety Culture Pyramid. Cases from aviation and healthcare are used to illustrate the various assessment methods, and the book concludes with more comprehensive case studies from both these domains.